Smoking Calculator

Calculate how many years you are going to live and how much money you are going to spend on cigarettes
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Points to remember :
1. This is just approximation and prediction.
2. Only God knows when we will leave this world.
3. Treat the calculation results as warnings only.

Objectives :
1. To create awareness among smokers that smoking decrease their lifespan.
2. To show that smokers are wasting money by killing themselves slowly. Funny isn't?
3. To scare smokers in a 'fun' and positive ways.

If you want to link to our website, use this for your smoking awareness programs etc, feel free to do so. No need to ask for permission.


Smoking robs your productive years as well as your health. Stop now and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Channel and invest your money into something more beneficial. Stop smoking and make yourself healthier and richer than before. Remember your loved ones and that your life is more precious than a million dollars and money can't buy life.

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